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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SNS recruitment & traditional recruitment

Today's readings mention that many SNS is started to be used for recruiting. What's good or bad about SNS recruiting? Let me compair the recruiting by SNS and traditional way of recruiting.


1. Easy to find someone who can fulfill a company's need.

Many users of SNS for recruitment provide detailed information about them. Thanks to the development of search enigine technology, it is very easy to find someone who have necessary ability or experience. You can find good people through traditinal processes (cover letter, resume, interview... is it same in America?), but you need a lot of energy to read all resumes and find proper people. However, if you use SNS, you can find them by just one click.

2. Reliable because of referral.

It is possible that users put wrong information on their profile on SNS or resume. However, if they have the referral by employees in your company, they are more reliable. Referral is important to find good potential employees. SNS is superior in that point. It can reach various people through network. Not only your employees, but also your employees' friends and their friends... can be referred.

3. Not suit when you recruite many people or plan to hire someone and educate him/her through work.

Sometimes company just want labor force and many new workers. In that case, SNS may not be a preferable way because you have to search them and offer them a job individually. Also, when you want to hire someone and educate him/her through work, it is not good way. In that case, you will focus more on their personality than their experience or ability. On SNS, it is difficult to assume users personality. You need to actually see that peroson and talk with him/her.

4. You wil target "passive" candidates.

If you find someone who will fulfill your company's need, it doesn't necessariry mean that they wnat to join your company. You can offer them a job, but they may reject your offer because they may not like your job.

Traditional way

1. Easy to hire many people.

If a company is popular, more people than it needs will apply for that company. Therefore, traditinal way is good way to hire many people because it can gather large number of people.

2. Applicant want that job.

Generally, if you don't like one job, you will not apply for that job. Most applicants want that job, so if you tell them you will hire them, they won't reject your offer, unless they are offered better job by other companies.

3. Difficult to find outapplicant's ability.

Finding out one's ability only by a resume is difficult. You need interview or referral to judge one's ability.

These are what I can come up with now. Both have good point and bad point. I don't think you can rely on one of them. You need to combine or use them separately according to what you want.

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leibneritec said...

the one thing i do not like about ONLINE job searches is the compant really cant see the person alot of people look good on paper or in this case on a computer screen but maybe there personaalitt or work ethic might clash with the comnay i see this as a down side of internet job searches