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Monday, May 7, 2007

What happened to my blog?!

After the last blog post I found strange thing happened in my blog. I set the counter to track the number of visitors, which is on the left side of my blog, and I found that after the last blog post, the number of visitors dramatically increased. I also used Google Analytics to see who and how many people visit my blog. So I checked what happened. Below is the information given by Google Analytics.

# Profile Name:

# Report Name: Executive Overview

# Date Range: 4/19/2007 - 4/25/2007


# Visits and Pageviews

Date Range Visits Pageviews

Thu 4/19 1 3

Fri 4/20 1 1

Sat 4/21 0 0

Sun 4/22 1 1

Mon 4/23 1 1

Tue 4/24 13 15

Wed 4/25 32 36

You can see that the number of visitor suddenly increased 4/25.

# Visits by New and Returning

Visitor Types Visits

New Visitor 44

Returning Visitor 5

# Geo Map Overlay

Country/Region/City Visits

Washington|389376|-770928 9

Tokyo|356850|1397514 1

Houston|297755|-954152 1

Bangalore|129832|775833 1

Stanford|374178|-1221720 1

Minneapolis|449823|-933063 1

Georgetown|306728|-976673 1

Moscow|557522|376156 1

London|429833|-812500 1

Fairfax|388357|-773375 1

Cairo|300500|312500 1

Durham|359954|-789019 1

Arlington|388782|-771054 1

La Porte City|423049|-922062 1

Huntsville|347018|-866108 1

London|515000|-1167 1

Bellingham|487413|-1224337 1

Irving|328569|-969629 1

Hubli|153500|751667 1

Lattimer Mines|409943|-759613 1

Hohendodeleben|521000|115000 1

Tallinn|594339|247281 1

Sydney|-338833|1512167 1

Hyderabad|173753|784744 1

Pleasant Grove|404647|-1116332 1

San Jose|373073|-1218569 1

Newbury|514000|-13167 1

Atlanta|338004|-843865 1

Duluth|468144|-921270 1

Williamsport|412845|-769204 1

(not set)|(not set)|(not set) 1

Simpang Empat|49500|1006333 1

Praha|500833|144667 1

Albany|426929|-738380 1

Kirk Ireton|530333|-16000 1

Roslyn Heights|407809|-736415 1

Boscombe|511500|-17167 1

Victoria|484333|-1233500 1

Wow, people all over the world see my blog!

# Visits by Source

Sources Visits 39 5 2 1 1

39 people from Google's blog? Why is that? I made links to the post on 4/17, but did it make any difference? Ya. There is big difference. Since I made link to the Google's blog post, the link to my blog is appeared on the list of "Link to this post". That's why many people came from Google's blog to my blog.

I was little bit surprised because I didn't expect that just making link to Google's blog increased the visitors. Famous page like Google Blog has huge number of visitors, so the connection to such page has huge influence on your blog. If you want to increase the number of visitors, why don't you put the link to some popular pages like Google Blog.

Oh, by the way, Google Analytics is a great tool. You can see the changing number of visitors by line chart, which Web pages they come from, visitors physical location by map, which page contents are clicked, etc. I recommend you to use this tool. Its interesting.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading.


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